Who is Cozy Color Quilts?

My name is Beth Ann Graybeal.  I began quilting almost a decade ago and never dreamed I would be here today sharing my own quilts patterns with you.  This truly is a dream come true!  

I always say that quilting in my home is at its best when accompanied by coffee and jazz. So with each pattern I design, I always include my suggestions. I invite you to join me in making beautiful quilts, drinking strong coffee, and relaxing to the sound of good jazz.

And I must not forget to give a shout out to those closest to me. Behind any situation in life is a number of people who helped us get to the final destination.  I have endless names of people I could share.  The most influential is my family.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to my husband and three children.  They have endured many stacks of fabric cluttering the house and endless loose strings flying around aimlessly as well as many coffee runs!

Most of all, I thank my God for the creative outlet of quilting.  I believe when we are creative, we are experiencing a small taste of the enjoyment of our great Creator!


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