Homebody QAL & Donate: Week 1

Welcome to the Homebody QAL & Donate...the first event of 2022! My heart is thrilled that you have decided to come along with me on this journey. There is nothing like that heart pounding joy when you pack up your quilt, label the box with the Quilts for Kids, Inc. mailing address, and send it off. If this is your first time, don't say I didn't warn you of the inexpressible joy! We have lots to cover this week. If you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to r

Behind the Scenes

In this society we live in today, we tend to think people are important according to money or likes or followers or fame. We see others whose work is upfront and seen, receiving accolades and awards, and think to ourselves, "Wow. They're important." And then we see our own lives. Simple. Quiet. Behind the scenes. If you stop and think about it, many times the important work IS done behind the scenes. An actor isn't seen without a multitude of people coordinating the writing,

A Moment to Celebrate!

November has been a busy month for quilters...and as a result, a busy month for Quilts for Kids, Inc.! I read their latest donation numbers for November and it is truly astounding... 900 quilts were donated! Let's take a moment to celebrate this good news! What a true gift for so many little ones who are in their greatest time of need. Below are the locations in which these were sent: Recipients: Covenant House-Philadelphia Head Start-Bucks County, PA Eastern Maine Medical St

It's That Time Again

It's that time again...time to sign up for the next QAL & Donate!! Yes, it is! We need to spread the word and get as many quilty friends to join us so that more quilts will be gifted to our little friends through Quilts for Kids, Inc. This time, the pattern we're using is CCQ's newest pattern: Homebody Quilt. You have the option to make a more modern style with a two-toned fabric choice or a scrappy version. But much more on that later. Today, it's time to sign up and spread

A Homebody's Quilt

Today is pattern release day! The Homebody Quilt is ready and waiting for your enjoyment. I love this pattern and I believe you will, too. It's simple. It's easy. It's perfect for those days spent at home. Do you ever feel like life in general is overly complicated? Sometimes, we just need to slow down...and pause...and enjoy the simple. This quilt pattern reflects this mindset. Home should be a place of peace. A place of calm. A place of love. Pattern Details This pattern ha

Some Mock Ups and A New Group

Let's talk fabric. In my mind, fabric is crucial in creating the look and feel of a quilt. Have you ever had in your mind a quilt you wanted to make...and in the end, it just didn't measure up to what you pictured in your mind? I sure have! It's taken a long time to decide what kind of fabrics I enjoy using. Add in the fact that a quilt is going to Quilts for Kids and now you have a twist to the decision making process. Kids see and think and feel differently than we do. The

Let's Give More Quilts Away

I want to take you back to, let's say...about 3 years ago. My quilting days were busy. I was quite busy actually...making quilts for me. Giving away quilts is rewarding yet there is something quite special about keeping them for yourself as well. There's a time and place for that. However, this was different. My heart had an aching...for something more. Was this passion for quilting meant to keep for myself? Was I created to spend hours in my sewing room only to make and crea