Some Mock Ups and A New Group

Let's talk fabric. In my mind, fabric is crucial in creating the look and feel of a quilt. Have you ever had in your mind a quilt you wanted to make...and in the end, it just didn't measure up to what you pictured in your mind? I sure have! It's taken a long time to decide what kind of fabrics I enjoy using. Add in the fact that a quilt is going to Quilts for Kids and now you have a twist to the decision making process. Kids see and think and feel differently than we do. The

Week 4...Let's Tidy Things Up

Wow! It's already week 4? Really? This QAL & Donate has flown by, don't you think? At this point, if you have been able to stay on track, all the blocks are complete. If you're not on the same schedule, let me reiterate that this is not a race. No one is demanded stay on the schedule exactly. The goal is for us to make a quilt we can share with a child. Period. So let's continue to celebrate no matter how far along each of us is as of today. Week 4 Schedule: Connect those blo

Week 3...Building Blocks

Welcome to week 3! This week, we get to build blocks. But before we go any further, this video of Quilts for Kids is a must see. I stumbled upon this Quilts for Kids video a few years ago and found myself always thinking back on it. Please take a look... Wow. Wasn't that special? I love being able to see behind the scenes and view the actual starting point in PA. Seeing the quilts in a hospital...those precious children running down the hall with their superhero c

Let's Give More Quilts Away

I want to take you back to, let's say...about 3 years ago. My quilting days were busy. I was quite busy actually...making quilts for me. Giving away quilts is rewarding yet there is something quite special about keeping them for yourself as well. There's a time and place for that. However, this was different. My heart had an aching...for something more. Was this passion for quilting meant to keep for myself? Was I created to spend hours in my sewing room only to make and crea

Week 2...Let the Fun Begin

It's week 2 of our QAL & Donate! Now that all the prep work is finished, we can have some fun. Week 2 Schedule Option 1: Make all the HSTs. Option 2: Make (5) blocks Quilts for Kids News I receive the monthly Quilts for Kids newsletters. They're always get a glimpse of the lives touched by our quilts. The newsletter celebrated that 1446 quilts were donated to children's hospitals in August alone! It sounds like they've been busy in other ways as well. Still g

Week 1...Make A Decision

You did it. You decided to join. You made the decision to give up some time and even some expenses... To bless a sick child. I won't regret this decision. The goal of any QAL is for a community of quilters to enjoy making quilts together. I want no one to become stressed over this. So I'm offering two schedules in which you can follow. Sometimes I enjoy making one step at a time; Other times I'd rather make one block at a time. These two schedules allow for you