A Generous Quilter's Story

Updated: Jun 30

Quilters...a most generous group of people. From the moment a pattern hits a quilter's eyes, the immediate thought of many is, "For whom can I make this quilt?" A rush of colors and style flood through the thoughts interrupting any plans at that single moment. Images of this finished quilt are fixed and unrailed in the mind until the project can begin. Let the joy begin!

My friend, Erica @Skynme2, has a heart like this. We became friends on Instagram and quilting was our mutual friend. I'm always awestruck at her stack of quilts. They're bright and colorful. Whimsical. Made specifically for the youngest ones. Erica has participated in both of the QAL & Donate events here at Cozy Color Quilts, yet she continues to find ways to gift these precious quilts for kids even beyond these QALs. It is a way of life for Erica.

About six years ago, Erica started her quilting journey. Inspired by her quilting brother, she took the plunge to learn this new creative trade. He encouraged and supported her in the early days and always made himself available to answer her questions. Simultaneously, she joined an online quilting community. Going back to the idea of quilters being generous, this group generously supported Erica as well and taught her many tricks of the trade. Within this quilting community, she, too, describes the other quilters as "generous and caring."

When it comes to the reason behind all her quilting, Erica's quilting purpose is for children. Charities always have a place in Erica's heart! The motivation of comforting a child pushes her onward to creating more and more quilts. She enjoys the process of choosing fabrics that will be perfect for a little one knowing it will be of great comfort during their deepest time of need.

For the Homebody Quilt QAL & Donate, Erica chose fabrics from her stash. Reaching for an older collection, she chose Elementary by Sweetwater. For the flying geese, a remnant of black fabric pulled it all together. I'd say some sweet child will love this!

Erica knows the joy that comes with a quilter's generous heart. She would encourage anyone thinking about donating a quilt to take the plunge. In Erica's words, "It's a great feeling to know that you provided someone with a heartfelt gift that will provide a little comfort in their time of need." And if anyone knows this great feeling and reward, it's Erica!

If you are interested in joining the next QAL & Donate, you're welcome to join our little world! You will receive updates and news about upcoming events. The next event is tentatively scheduled for June 2022. Should you have any questions about these events, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll be sure to get back with you. All the quilts made during the QAL & Donate events are donated to Quilts for Kids, Inc. This is your chance to become that generous quilter!

Can't wait to sew with you,

Beth Ann

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