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Updated: Jun 30

November has been a busy month for quilters...and as a result, a busy month for Quilts for Kids, Inc.!

I read their latest donation numbers for November and it is truly astounding...

900 quilts were donated!

Let's take a moment to celebrate this good news!

What a true gift for so many little ones who are in their greatest time of need.

Below are the locations in which these were sent:


Covenant House-Philadelphia

Head Start-Bucks County, PA

Eastern Maine Medical

St. Christopher's Hospital, Philadelphia

Maternal and Child Health- West Chester, PA

Kindred House -West Chester, PA

Chester County Hospital, PA

Family and Children, Chester County, PA

Willett Children's Hospital at Memorial-- Savannah, GA

McLeod Childs Hospital - Florence, SC

Beds for Kids (One House at a Time)- Philadelphia area

Shop with a Cop-Bucks County, PA

At each location, a child received a bit more comfort through the love of a fellow quilter.

Making a quilt to donate truly helps the cause of QFKs.

I know, though, that not everyone is a quilter or maybe this is just not the time you can make a quilt to donate.

You can still help!

If you're able, a financial gift helps with fabric, making quilts, and the cost of shipping.

To learn more, you can read all about it here.

But before we move on, I've included a few of the photos that QFKs posted on their Facebook page that were donated...

Aren't they so fun! I know each one brought about a big smile for a child

As exciting as all this is, the sad part is that the need will never end.

There's no end point...no cap on donations.

That's precisely why we have the QAL & Donate events here at Cozy Color Quilts.

And it's time to start signing up today for the next event!

The next event will begin January 10 and runs for 6 weeks.

We are all going to be making CCQ's most recent pattern: Homebody Quilt.

If you're interested in joining us in support of QFKs, you can sign up and purchase your pattern right now!

It's nice to have some time to get it all planned out on your calendar and start thinking about fabrics.

I'm in the final stages of planning and have some fun weekly prizes to offer as well!

It will be a no stress and fun qal!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

And remember, as mentioned above, the need is never ending...so invite a friend so we can donate more and bring that number to 1000 donated quilts!

Looking forward to sewing with you,

Beth Ann

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