A New Opportunity

Updated: Jun 30

Plans are in the works for a new QAL & Donate!

Mark the start date on your calendars: January 10, 2021.

This is going to be a fun one...the pattern that we will be using will have the option of a modern or scrappy version.

Just think of the possibilities!

The modern style would be great for an older child...remember the age range for donated quilts is up to 22 years of age!

The scrappy version could be incredibly wild and crazy colorful for a younger child.

The pattern releases in November...then you'll be able to see fabric requirements and dive into your planning phase.

But we'll talk more about that at a later date.

For today, I just wanted to send out the start date so you can get that on your calendar and invite some friends!

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, children will always get sick or be in need.

Fortunately, you and I can help!

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

I'll be in touch.

Beth Ann

P.S. If you don't personally know someone to invite, you're more than welcome to share this blog on Instagram or Facebook to reach more people...

"The more that know, the more that sew." - Linda Arye, Quilts for Kids, Inc. Founder

Photos by Megan of The Quiltographer.

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