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Updated: Jun 30

In this society we live in today, we tend to think people are important according to money or likes or followers or fame.

We see others whose work is upfront and seen, receiving accolades and awards, and think to ourselves, "Wow. They're important."

And then we see our own lives.



Behind the scenes.

If you stop and think about it, many times the important work IS done behind the scenes.

An actor isn't seen without a multitude of people coordinating the writing, filming, and producing all behind the camera.

A CEO cannot have the successful business they have unless there are assistants of all kinds maintaining computer work, meetings, and phone calls quietly in their offices.

Those who are seen are very few.

Those of us behind the scenes are in company with the majority of people on this earth.

And it's crucial to realize that you and your work is important work.

This truth even applies to quilters.

No one really sees the planning and fabric purchasing and meticulous measuring, much less the 1/4" mark and all the pressing.

No one is reporting a news story when we're pinning or spraying the 3-layers.

And that's ok.

Especially when the quilt is creatively crafted with another in mind.

That's what the QAL & Donate is all about here at Cozy Color Quilts.

When you and I decide to participate, there isn't much fanfare coming our way.

We must choose to trust that when we pack up our finished quilt and send it off to the QFKs headquarters, there will be a life on the other end that is touched, loved, and changed.

And I can guarantee this miracle happens even behind the scenes.

Here is a quote from Quilts for Kids...

"I just wanted to say thank you so much again! I had a parent tell me their child loved the quilt SO much, that sleeping with it every night wasn't enough. It was around his body at all times. He would walk around the house with it wrapped around him, would play with it wrapped around him, would read with it wrapped around him. He would even eat with it at the table."


Can't you just see that precious little one clinging to that quilt?

He knew he was loved.

He knew he was cared for.

He knew he was thought of.

He knew all of this...without even knowing where the quilt came from or who made it.


Isn't being behind the scenes worth it?

We would love for you to join us for the next QAL & Donate!

It is always worth the time you put into it knowing there's a story like this one at the end.

You get to do the important work behind the scenes while a child enduring life's hardest moments receives the love!

You can sign up here for the next event that begins January 10.

You can also spread the word by inviting others to do the important work.

The more people working behind the scenes, the more important work that is completed and changing lives!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Looking forward to sewing with you!

Beth Ann

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