CCQ's Favorite Rulers: HST Ruler

Let's talk rulers!

Quilting rulers are a necessity and a luxury for a quilter. On the one hand, you need certain rulrs to create accurate quilts. On the other hand, some rulers exist simply make your life so much easier. From time to time, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite rulers. Today we will start with the Half Square Ruler designed by Brenda Henning.

It was quite ironic how I came across this ruler. Just a few weeks ago, I was in the midst of trimming 8 HST at a time. If you're new to quilting and are not sure how to sew 8 at a time, I teach you in The Magical World of HST. A free cheat sheet is also provided so you can make any size! You should definitely check it truly is magical.

Anyway, after you sew and cut, you're left with 8 folded HST. Normally, you open up the squares, press, and trim to the desired size. For a brief moment, I sat there staring at the folded HST and thought to myself, there has to be a way to trim these before opening them. I started to explore a bit and in the end, didn't trust myself to trim them correctly. I also didn't want a stack of wrong size HST!

I kid you not, it was about a day or two later that I saw someone on Instagram trimming folded HST with this unfamiliar ruler! I was thrilled to come across this new method. Because of the expense of quilting rulers, I typically store the thought away for future reference and save up for the new collection purchase. However, this time, I immediately found the ruler on Amazon, added it to my cart, and impatiently waited two days for it to arrive!

At the time of it's arrival, I was testing out a new pattern that I hope to have out this winter called #standingtallquilt. (I am super excited about this one and can't wait to show you! That's why I just had to mention it. More to come in the future.) And of course, this pattern has HST! I immediately put the ruler to test.

Here's how it works:

  • Line up the SEAM to the FINISHED SIZE.

  • For example, my FINISHED HST is 2" so you'll notice how the seam is lined up with the 2" mark. (This was confusing to me at first....I naturally wanted to line up the raw edge. So be mindful to think of your seam lining up.)

  • Next, you simply trim the right and left sides of the triangle as shown.

  • I started off meticulously centering the triangle with the ruler, but that's the amazing don't have to. No matter how you line it up, it's going to be a perfect HST. Just be sure to trim both sides even if it's not centered.

  • Now it's time to open and press your new HST.

  • Here is a look a the finished HST. How perfect its that?!

  • Normally when I trim HST, I always slip just a little and most of my HST are not perfectly trimmed. That's the other amazing design of this has a nonslip surface.

  • Note: Remember when I told you how I wanted my finished size to be 2" and lined up the seam on the 2" mark? You'll notice here the unfinished size is 2 1/2"...exactly where I want it!

And that's how easy it is! I just love how quick, accurate, and simple this ruler makes trimming HST. I know rulers can be expensive but if you have a few extra dollars, I highly recommend adding this ruler to your collection. You won't regret it!

HST are everywhere in the quilting world. Everyone makes them in all kinds of patterns. If you're interested in the FREE HST Cheat Sheet, you can find it here. Please help yourself! And if you're looking for some patterns to practice your HST skills, here are some ideas for you. You can purchase any of them simply by clicking the photo.

Victory Quilt

Jewelry Box Quilt

Rose Gold Mini Quilt

Southwestern Wall Hanging

Homebody Quilt

Happy HST days to you, my quilty friend!

Beth Ann

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