Christmas Star Quilt

Let's go back about 2 years ago...I was playing around with the EQ8 pattern software I use to design quilt patterns. Think of it as a digital drawing board and coloring book all in one. I literally could spend hours at a time playing! Anyway, I decided to mess with some triangles. Starting with the "Acrobat" quilt block, I inserted blocks here and there, rotating to the right and to the left, erasing and replacing, and then it caught my breath! A Christmas Star!

I knew in an instant I had my very first Christmas quilt designed! What's more perfect than a big, bold star pattern for December? Little did I know the path it would take me.

Merry and Bright Modern Christmas Quilts

I tucked this idea away for a time in the future. I knew a pattern would be written but just wasn't sure when that would be. A few months later, a quilt friend asked a group of pattern designers if anyone would be interested in putting together a Christmas quilt book. Um, of course! I quickly raised my hand for the opportunity and instantly knew what pattern I would contribute.

Over the next months, we all worked on our patterns and in December of 2021, the book was published.

In addition to participating in this project, we each had our quilts professionally photographed. I absolutely love what Megan @the_quiltographer did with her amazing photography talent. Here are a couple of shots she took for the book...

CCQ Single Pattern

Now that it's been a year since this amazing experience, I wanted to offer the Christmas Star Quilt pattern in my own shop as a single pattern. I was able to revise it a bit to coordinate with my own style of pattern writing. It is now available at Cozy Color Quilts...just in time for your next Christmas project! In fact, I'm doing a giveaway for a chance to win this pattern in the CCQ Friends Group. Come join the fun. The winner will be announced 11/11/22 so don't waste time!

Acrobat Quilt Block

With this new pattern, I thought I'd briefly walk you through the "Acrobat" quilt block to get you started.

For this quilt, I went with a more Thanksgiving feel for the fabric. You know that transition between Thanksgiving and eat turkey but listen to Christmas music? Yep. That's it! This version makes me think of those moments. I used Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids.

Fabric 1: Gingerbread

Fabric 2: Northern Waters

Fabric 3: Gentle Feather

In the pattern, I have for you (2) triangle templates. I like to print mine on cardstock for a more sturdy template. I did see a fellow quilter take templates and trace them on cardboard, cut them, and use them for a thicker edge. I liked that idea. Thought I'd pass that along in case you might be interested.

You'll be cutting strips according to the pattern. Then you're ready to cut those strips into triangles with your 2 sized templates. I usually place mine on the fabric and then line up my quilting ruler along the side to cut. Once you cut your first triangle, flip it upside down for the next triangle. Continue down the strip until you reach the end.

Then it's time to make triangle units. It looks a bit weird when you're used to working with straight edges. But you still follow the same basic rules: flip one piece to put the triangles RST and sew a scant 1/4" sean allowance.

Note about a Scant 1/4" seam allowance: Because of the angles and the sheer number of small pieces in this block, you really need to sew that scant 1/4". If you're not familiar, a scant 1/4" seam allowance is just barely more narrow than a regular 1/4". Basically think of it a thread or two smaller. That's it! But as you continue to build this block, that thread width loss really adds up if you don't use a scant 1/4" seam allowance.

As you follow the pattern, you'll be making triangle units. There are (4) different units that make up the block. Below is the first one.

After you make all the smaller units, you'll begin to assemble the block with units and solid triangles. Here is the bottom row for the block. As each row is made, you'll want to double check the measurement. The more pieces we have in quilting, the easier we can become off track by the end.

In the end, you'll have three rows of triangles. Before you know it, Acrobat blocks will cover your sewing space!

I was really pleased how this Thanksgiving/Christmas quilt turned out. It's so warm and cozy and makes me want some turkey and mashed potatoes with a little Nat King Cole playing in the background!

Quilts, Coffee, and Jazz

As with all CCQ patterns, I can't leave until I give you my coffee and jazz suggestions while making this quilt. (These fun opinions are included in every CCQ pattern!)

Coffee: Almond Joy Mocha