Hmm, That's An Idea!

Updated: Jun 30

Donating a quilt to Quilts for Kids...hmmm, now that's an idea!

Ever had that thought cross your mind? If so, I wanted to walk you through some of the things to think about as you begin this generous and heartfelt journey.


Oh, yes, one of the most exciting moments in making a quilt! Sometimes it's a hard decision yet other times, we know exactly what to choose. When making a QFK quilt, please be sure to use new 100% cotton fabric. Repurposed fabrics such as clothing, sheets, or curtains are not allowed. Keep in mind many of the children receiving these quilts are patients in hospitals. We want to make sure the cotton fabrics are appropriate for these little ones.

What able flannel, you ask? Well, some flannel is ok. You can use high quality, new flannel.

The reason we want to use high quality is because the lower quality will begin to pill after washing because of the lower thread count. We want to make quilts that will be durable through multiple washes over time.

Also think about the children. Girls typically like butterflies, fairies, and flowers. Boys like superheroes, cars, and animals. Another take on fun fabrics is color. You can do rainbow colors, scrappy, or play off color patterns.


Typically, QFK likes quilts around 38"- 40" x 45"- 46". However, there are also older children that they serve so even the larger sizes will be used for a good purpose. Keep in mind that QFK donates to hospitals but also to children in abuse situations, crisis, and even natural disasters. Through these tough times, all ages of children are sadly affected.


The batting request is LOW LOFT 1/8" to 1/4" batting. They accept cotton or poly or even a blend of the two. My favorite choice is cotton Pellon Bamboo Batting. This makes the softest quilts in my opinion and I know QFK likes it, too!

On a side note, batting may be the most important choice in my opinion. When you use good quality batting, it really makes a difference. And I truly believe these children deserve the very best!


We need to fill our quilts with lots of quilting! We want these quilts to last through everything, especially the numerous washings. QFK wants it to be at least 2" across the entire quilt. Another personal me, the quilts are softer and cozier with more quilting! And that is most definitely the goal here.

So there are a few things to think about as you begin to plan your next quilt donation. You can see more guidelines and shipping info here.

If you're needing some pattern ideas, here are some CCQ pattern suggestions from past QAL & Donate events and patterns with appropriate size options.

Please note:

The Valle Crucis Quilt and Homebody Quilt are good ones for the older kids.

The Jewelry Box Quilt and Movie Night Quilt (baby size) are smaller for the younger ones.

So there are some thoughts to get you started on your great idea! You're always welcome to donate anytime, all year long. Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of need yet always the opportunity for quilters like you and me to send a quilt hug!

Blessings my friend,

Beth Ann