Homebody QAL & Donate: Closing

Updated: Jun 30

Congratulations on finishing your Homebody Quilt top for a treasured child!

It is my hope and prayer that your heart is overflowing with an inexpressible joy. Creating quilts for others, in and of itself, is fulfilling. Add to the mix, donating to a children's charity, and this joy multiplies beyond our greatest expectations! Soak in this moment for these are the meaningful moments in life.

And now it's time to announce the winner of the FREE longarm quilting! I must say beforehand that this was another small and intimate QAL & Donate. Those who shared all won a prize. If you didn't share, no worries! I understand that sharing all over social media is not everyone's cup of tea. However, because of the minimum numbers of posting, we have a repeat winner. And the winner is @qsewcrafty! Congratulations. And I hope you can sit back and enjoy a break for this quilt...or maybe get started on a new project while it's being quilted for you.

Before we go any further, I wanted to share a couple of finished quilts of a few participants in this #qalanddonate. Take a moment to admire their hard work along with your own hard work and sacrifice.

Here is @Skynme2 creating a crisp, clean look...

And here is one from @modernlystitched with a scrappy background...

And one more from @sew.help.me with a bit of a twist on the background fabrics...

It's been such a gift to see these quilts go from a pile of fabric and grow into a Homebody Quilt knowing their final destination. Each one is precious. Each one will deliver a much needed quilt hug to a hurting young one.

On to a bit of business, with each post of this #qal, I've included a return form at the bottom of each post. Why do we need this? Quilts for Kids loves to keep track of where the quilts come from. So when you include the return form, they know your quilt came from our QAL & Donate. Everytime I have talked with or emailed the staff of QFKs, they are always overflowing with gratefulness. Their gratitude pours out of every message and conversation. So knowing where these quilts originated excites them. All you need to do is download, print, and follow the instructions. Again, reach out to me should any questions arise!

Most of the quilts come from chapters located all around the United States. Look at all the chapters QFKs has...

We are a bit different because of our online connection. Not everyone has a chapter close by and it is for this reason we started the online group. The "Cyber Quilt Group" is available to anyone, anywhere. It is flexible, easy to participate, and connected through social media. So please feel free to reach out to any quilt friends you have and invite them to our next event! A reminder of the well known saying of our beloved QFKs founder, "The more that know, the more that sew." If you're thinking of a friend right now, go ahead and send them an invite to join CCQ's mailing list so that they will hear about future events!

And before we close this QAL & Donate, just a few reminders. Please wash your quilt before you send it. QFKs does wash quilts but whenever we do it for them, it saves them A LOT of time. Also, make sure your quilting is at least 2" or closer. You can always read through the FAQs to get more information as well.

Well, friends, that's a wrap for the Homebody QAL & Donate! I want to leave you with one last word...your work will not always be seen by the world, yet the impact you're making runs deep and wide into the hearts of real children.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! See ya next time.

Beth Ann

Quilts for Kids Return Form
Download PDF • 3.96MB

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