Homebody QAL & Donate: Week 1

Updated: Jun 30

Welcome to the Homebody QAL & Donate...the first event of 2022! My heart is thrilled that you have decided to come along with me on this journey. There is nothing like that heart pounding joy when you pack up your quilt, label the box with the Quilts for Kids, Inc. mailing address, and send it off. If this is your first time, don't say I didn't warn you of the inexpressible joy!

We have lots to cover this week. If you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! You can connect with me at cozycolorquilts@gmail.com. We're in this thing together all for the purpose of encouraging a child in great need of a quilt hug!

The pattern we will be using for this QAL & Donate is the most recent Cozy Color Quilts pattern: Homebody Quilt. If you have not purchased your pattern just yet, you can do so now. It's a PDF download so you will have it immediately. Because of your generous heart to donate this quilt to QFKs, I'm offering you 25% off! When you checkout, be sure to take advantage of this discount by using the code QUILTSFORKIDS25.

(Please note: If you did not receive the 25% off, please reach out to me and we'll fix that!)

This first week, we will simply decide on fabrics and follow all the cutting instructions. This pattern offers you a "Modern Version" and a "Scrappy Version." The pattern was written for the Modern Version and additional instructions are added in boxes for the Scrappy Version.

I chose to create the Scrappy Version for I feel it lends itself to a more colorful quilt. And since the recipients of these quilts are children, I figured the more color, the better!

As I communicate with the staff at Quilts for Kids, Inc. they share valuable information for us as quilters. In my most recent conversation, this was requested:

"We’ve had lots of requests for “princess” fairies, butterflies for girls and boys are always asking for sports and musical instruments. Young boys have asked for trucks, too. Batiks still work great for older kids."

I've created two mock ups to give you some ideas. Both are Riley Blake fabrics. Demonstrating both a girl and boy quilt, I also show a Modern and Scrappy version.

Here are my fabric choices in which I focused on bright fabrics...

Sometimes, it can be quite challenging deciding on fabric. If that's the case for you, I can offer you a quilt kit that my friend, Jennifer, from Hollis Threads, has curated for you. She has such an interesting eye for fabrics. Her fabric choices always surprise me and excited me equally. Here are two versions you can create with her kit.

If these fabrics excite you like they do me, you can purchase them here.

During this QAL & Donate, we will have Weekly Prizes! These prizes will be given out starting at the end of week 1.

Why weekly prizes? Because I want 1. this to be a social event, a community in which we encourage one another and learn from each other and 2. you to be rewarded for your sacrifice and your kindred heart for participating in this event! It brings me such happiness to see others grasping the passion for Quilts for Kids, Inc. And because you have this passion, I want to gift you!

Let's keep this simple. All you have to do to enter each week is post anything on Instagram or our Facebook Group about your progress in the QAL using #qalanddonate. It's OK if you're behind schedule. It's OK if you're ahead of schedule. Just post something. This serves two purposes.

  1. It's your entry for the prizes.

  2. It spreads the word to others and invites them to join in future events...making more quilts available for more children!

Now, I completely understand if you're more private about posting. That's why I created a private Facebook Group so that you can privately post! So please don't be shy...just think of it as family sharing with family. You can join the Facebook Group here.

This week's prize comes from two different Etsy Shops: Initial Thoughts by DMF and Soap Escape. The winner will receive some handmade cards and quilty tags from Initial Thoughts as well as some soothing quilt block soaps from Soap Escape. Remember: all you need to do is post on Instagram or our Private Facebook Group using #qalanddonate!

The last bit of information for this week pertains to changing the pattern just a little! This quilt is larger than the guidelines for QFKs. No worries, though, they can still donate them and get some wonderful love out of them. In attempts to make these quilts a little smaller, let's NOT add any borders. I've made the Homebody Quilt without them and it still makes a beautiful quilt. This small deduction will bring the quilt from 60" x 60" down to 54" x 54" making it more appropriate for the little ones.

Ok! That's about it for the first week. Go out and pick the most perfect and beautiful fabrics for a little one! I cannot wait to see what you choose. Don't forget to share...#qalanddonate.

Until next time,

Beth Ann

The following important information will be included in each blog post for your reference and convenience. Please familiarize yourself with some of the Quilts for Kids, Inc. guidelines as well as information on sending in your quilt for donating...

PLEASE NOTE: Should you finish your quilt early, please read the form below for further instructions:

Quilts for Kids Return Form
Download PDF • 3.96MB

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