Homebody QAL & Donate: Week 4

Updated: Jun 30

Welcome back to Week 4! Now is when the fun begins.

This week, we will be bringing together all the HSTs to make the Cat's Cradle blocks. You only need to make (5) blocks total. With their generous size, you'll have all of them completed in no time. The assembly of the quilt picks up at this point and the end is very near!

The Cat's Cradle block is pretty straight forward. You'll make (6) HST units for each block. To assemble, it's a classic three row block. That's it! As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.

As we move along, one of my favorite parts is announcing the winner and getting those prizes sent to each quilter! You are putting so much time into a selfless QAL and it's a treat to me to gift you. So Week 3's winner is @qsewcrafty! Great work on your chain piecing this week. If you didn't see her post this week, it looked like a party going on in her sewing room! (Please reach out to me so I can get the pattern bundle out to you!)

Week 4's prize is a fun one! The winner will receive a customized sign for your sewing room made by Country Lane Living Etsy Shop. I fell in love with this sign when I saw it and almost bought one for myself. That still may happen in the future! A friendly reminder: post your progress using #qalanddonate.

Now for the sweet moment of our weekly blog posts. Highlighting Quilts for Kids, Inc. is always a pleasure and such a treat. My heart swelled when I saw this photo of Daniel. And then to read the words from his parents...I was speechless. The part that tugged at my heart the most was knowing that Daniel isn't able to communicate with words how he felt about the quilt, but his Mama knew exactly how he felt! She could see it in his eyes and in his gentle touch over the quilt. Here are her words...

Dear Quilts for Kids,

Thank you so much for the quilt we received for Daniel. It just so happened he has been sick this week. I know this quilt has been a huge comfort for him. He loves to look at the bright colors and feel the quilting thread. Thank you for your kindness and wanting to help kids like Daniel with the comfort of a quilt. Thank you,

Michelle and Daniel

Oh, how sweet is this? Reading a story like this gets my mind running to planning the next quilt to make! This is one story of countless children. As I've said before and won't stop saying, the need is endless. We could all participate in QAL & Donates for the rest of our lives and never reach the number of children needing this kind of comfort. So I humbly ask you to spread the word. We cannot meet the need by ourselves; it takes an army of quilters to touch the lives of all the children!

As we head into Week 4, I know some people are ahead of schedule. Amazing! Just reminding you to please review the Quilts for Kids, Inc. guidelines below and to also include the return form when it comes time to mail in your quilt. If you have any questions, please let me know!

I can never thank you enough for your sweet hearts and generous quilting! You are a blessing.

Beth Ann

Quilts for Kids Return Form
Download PDF • 3.96MB

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