Homebody QAL & Donate: Week 6

Updated: Jun 30

We made it! We've made it to the very last week of the Homebody QAL & Donate. Welcome to Week 6!

Hopefully you had no problem getting you Flying Geese blocks constructed. And I'm also hoping you found them quite enjoyable as well.

Now all we have to do is put all the blocks together. If you'll notice on the pattern, the four corner blocks all face in the same direction and the center block is opposite of the corners. Just a little reminder to notice that directional detail. I sadly have to admit that I messed up a previous quilt and I didn't even notice it until after it was quilted and binded! Learn from me and watch those directions.

Here it is. Do you see the mistakes? (I even had a flying geese unit in the wrong direction.) Just being real...

Here's the correct way...

As we come to the end of this QAL & Donate, we all starting thinking about our quilting plans. And as we do, I have a very special treat for you this week! My friend, Julie, who is on my pattern tester team as well as a volunteer at Quilts for Kids in PA, has generously provided lots of ideas and suggestions for quilting your Homebody Quilt. Here is what she has to offer you...

For a domestic machine, quilting straight lines using a walking foot is a great way to go. Here are some diagram suggestions.

If you want to create some free motion quilting, meandering is always a fun one and easy to accomplish on the larger quilts. Julie suggests to not use dark thread over light fabric, but the opposite is always fun.

If you've been at a loss for quilting ideas, I hope this has spurred you on! Below are some photos of Julie's quilting on some Homebody Quilts. Take a moment to enjoy her beautiful work...

These quilts were pieced by my pattern testers. The first one was by Becky @beckymurrayquilts and the second by Melissa @northernmemories. Both of these amazing quilters are on Instagram...you should check out their work!

Moving on the prizes! The winner for this past week is Beth. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your Homebody Kit and your Merry and Bright Modern Christmas Quilts Book!

This week's prize a big one! We've talked a lot about quilting as we think ahead of our finished quilts! But sometimes, that extra step is quite overwhelming. That is why I'm thrilled to announce the prize for the final week of our QAL & Donate! My friend Beth at Modernly Stitched is providing FREE LONG ARM QUILTING for this Homebody Quilt! What an amazing prize Beth has offered us! Please note: you will cover the cost of batting and shipping but all the labor is FREE! So be sure to get on Instagram and/or our Facebook Group and share using #qalanddonate! (As always, for the extra private people in our group, just shoot me an email with a photo and you'll be included in the drawing.)

Story time once again. It's tradition each week to share information or stories about Quilts for Kids. For me, hearing stories like this remind me that the recipients are real people. Real parents. Real children. Enduring real pain. I loved this note from a concerned Mama...

Thanks from a Grateful Mom

My son had his first surgery this past Friday at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. I found myself nervous about the surgery. I was worried about my little three year old feeling alone and scared in the operating room. Just before being rolled into the operating room, a nurse came in with a quilt for him. It was a “Cars” quilt, which is perfect, because that is his favorite movie. As soon as he saw “Mater” and “Lightning McQueen” his eyes just lit up. It was just the reassurance I needed.

I want to thank Davie Quilters and all of the volunteers at Quilts for Kids for offering their time, services, and talents to help ease the discomfort of children and their families. Nothing represents warmth and comfort more than a quilt. Thank you do everything you do to enrich the lives of others, especially our children. A quilt is better and more soothing than any drug can ever be. Sincerely Grateful, (His Mom) PS: He has snuggled with the quilt at every nap since the surgery.

Isn't that just perfect? You may not ever see the results of your quilt or see the face of the child who receives it, but the stories are real. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all the parents/caregivers/children for the quilt you will soon be donating!

Next week, we'll talk about sending in your quilt. However, if you decide to send it early, please attach the form below to your shipment. If anything is unclear, just email me and I'll do my very best to help you! Enjoy working on growing your quilt. I cannot wait to see the finished products!

Beth Ann