How to Write and Sell Quilt Patterns

Have you ever thought...I could write quilt patterns!

Has that thought been instantly followed by...No, I could never do that.

I have had those exact thoughts.

A few years ago, I came across the computer software called Electric Quilt.

It peaked my interest...drastically.

I bought it almost instantly and before I knew it,

I had designed my own quilt patterns!

But now what?

How was I to explain how to make my pattern,

Write out instructions,

Draw diagrams to demonstrate...

How in the world would I ever be able to write a real pattern?

Fast forward a few years and I currently have 6 patterns for sale on Etsy!

And I have plans for at least one more pattern this calendar year.

It was only this past January when my journey began.

Some days, I still cannot believe I actually have patterns for sale,

But I cannot move any further in this post without giving attention to my friend,

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilter's Candy.

Elizabeth offers this fantastic course teaching people just like you and me

Where to begin. She teaches you how to...

Narrow your niche.

Design a quilt top.

Create blocks.

Write the pattern.

How to hire a tech editor.

And sell your patterns!

The thing about Elizabeth's course is,

She only offers it once a year!

Take it step further,

She offers registration for 6 days only!

Her next course begins September 13.

But registration is only offered from September 7 - 12.

As an affiliate for Elizabeth,

I want to offer you a gift.

Should you decide to take the course (you won't regret it!)

You can sign up using my affiliate link and... I will give you the "EQ8 Lessons for Beginners" book...for free!

This resource was a major help in getting me comfortable using EQ8.

(EQ8 is the software program from Electric Quilt used to design quilts and used in this course.)

I know you might have a lot questions and even some doubt about joining the class.

I want to make myself available to you to answer any questions you may have.

I can share more with you about my experience in the course

As well as my experience in starting my new business.

Please feel free to email me anytime!

If you're ready to move forward or even just want a peak at more details,

You can use the link below.

Again, using this link to sign up will ensure you receive the Lessons Book from me!

One major thing I learned from Elizabeth is...

There is room for everyone!

We all offer our own unique style and personality

And there is no one else like you.

No one can make quilts like you.

Have you ever thought of writing quilt patterns? There's room for you!

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