It's That Time Again

Updated: Jun 30

It's that time again...time to sign up for the next QAL & Donate!!

Yes, it is!

We need to spread the word and get as many quilty friends to join us so that more quilts will be gifted to our little friends through Quilts for Kids, Inc.

This time, the pattern we're using is CCQ's newest pattern: Homebody Quilt.

You have the option to make a more modern style with a two-toned fabric choice or a scrappy version.

But much more on that later.

Today, it's time to sign up and spread the word!

This event will begin on January 10, you've got some time.

Since it's a busy time of year, you can go ahead and get your spot...and then not worry about it until the first of the year.

If you want to go ahead and start planning your fabric, by all means, do so!

You can purchase the Homebody pattern here.

If you get worried about staying on schedule, please don't!

This is not a competition. And no one is watching you over your shoulder.

This about donating to Quilts for Kids...whenever you finish.

Here is the schedule, keeping in mind it is a guideline for the QAL.

We will be having weekly prizes so you'll want to be sure to be an active participant.

You can start now by sharing the "I'm In" photo above using #homebodyquilt.

This will also help us spread the word...remember, it's all for making MORE quilts to comfort MORE children. (The need will never end!)

Also, I've started a new private Facebook group specifically for the QAL & Donate events.

Please join so we can all chat about our progress, share photos, and encourage one another.

A side note: Some people are more private about the quilts they're making and I completely understand. If that's you, know that this is a private group you can join and still participate in the weekly prizes!

That about wraps it up for today.

So please sign up today and invite a friend.

Remember...QAL & Donate events are all about the children!

I can think of no better way to use our quilting time and talents.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Much love,

Beth Ann















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