Jewelry Box Baby Quilt...a New Pattern

Updated: Jun 30

Welcome to the new Cozy Color Quilts! Why is it new? Because the focus of each pattern hence forward is zeroed in on Quilts for Kids. The purpose of every design will be narrowed down to the sole purpose of creating quilts appropriate for heartfelt donation.

First up, Jewelry Box Baby Quilt.

The Jewelry Box Baby Quilt comes together quite quickly. The construction the quilt only requires the knowledge of Half Square Triangles and then the rest just falls in place.

The finished size falls into the desired sizes that Quilts for Kids requests. After 22 years of donating quilts and massive growth in their reach of children, they have come up with what they think is most appropriate.

(Keep in mind, should you have a larger size quilt to donate, they still accept them! They do take good care of the older children as well.)

If you're interested in the fabric used in this particular quilt, I used the following...

Art Gallery Fabrics: Velvet by Amy Sinibaldi

Fabric 1: Woodcut Sunset

Fabric 2: Sweet Darling

Fabric 3: Olivia Celeste

Fabric 4: Solid White

With this newfound focus for future patterns, I am including a specific logo to let you know which patterns are perfect for donation. Just look for this in CCQ's patterns for a good fit...

On a side note, I wanted to remind you of the next QAL & Donate. You can sign up now and begin thinking about what fabrics you'd like to use. We will be making the baby size Movie Night Quilt. Yes, this pattern has curves, but please don't let that scare you! Can I be completely honest with you? Did you know that I was scared of curves and always avoided them. One day, I thought I'd just try it and I was surprised at how easy it was. That, my friends, is how the Movie Night Quilt began! So, if I can do, YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN! And I will be sure to walk you through it during the QAL.

Now back to fabric, either for the Jewelry Box Baby Quilt or the Movie Night Quilt, did you know that Quilts for Kids sells fabric? That's right! And the best part of it is that it's at wholesale price or, at the least, heavily discounted! You can simply call Quilts for Kids to talk with them. Linda, founder of QFK, will even personally talk with you on video call and walk you through their store. Wow! That's quite the service. So if you need help with fabric or want to save some cash, give them a call.

The Jewelry Box Baby Quilt is now available in my Etsy Shop so feel free to take a look. And be on the lookout for the next pattern that will be coming this summer. I'm ecstatic about it and cannot wait to share about it later. Until then, I hope you'll take advantage of the current patterns available. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Beth Ann

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