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Let's Give More Quilts Away

I want to take you back to, let's say...about 3 years ago.

My quilting days were busy.

I was quite busy actually...making quilts for me.

Giving away quilts is rewarding yet there is something quite special about keeping them for yourself as well.

There's a time and place for that.

However, this was different.

My heart had an aching...for something more.

Was this passion for quilting meant to keep for myself?

Was I created to spend hours in my sewing room only to make and create for me alone?

Something inside of me began searching.

Actually, yes, I went to Google.

Silly, I know, to try to find life answers on the internet.

Anyway, I found this video about an organization that donated quilts to children in hospitals around the U.S.

Hmm, I wonder if I could do this?

To my surprise, they made it quite easy to participate.

A few guidelines out of respect for the children they will gift,

But other than that, freedom to make quilts I love.

So, I went to work.

Before long, a baby quilt was complete,

Boxed up,

And mailed to Quilts for Kids, Inc. located in Pennsylvania.

End of story.

So I thought.

Fast forward to September 2021.

Now I'm incredibly busy.

More so than 3 years ago.

I now have a business designing and selling quilt patterns.

Yes, it's busy.

Yet again, the ache I had for something more never truly went away.

It crept in from time to time,

Reminding my busy schedule to fit in another quilt donation.

Somehow, it never got done.

So I had an idea.

What if...I create a pattern...FOR Quilts for Kids?

What if...I invited others to join a donate our quilts in the end? Now, there's an idea.

So I did just that.

I released my pattern,

Called people to join me,

And a few did.

But guess what?

It still didn't end there.

We all were created for more.

More beyond ourselves.

I didn't want Cozy Color Quilts to be about designing, releasing, selling, repeat.

I wanted Cozy Color Quilts to have more purpose,

More reaching out,

Thinking of more than just myself and how many patterns I sold.

As this weighed heavy on my heart, I grabbed my computer,

As I was climbing into bed one evening,

Typed out a quick email to Quilts for Kids, Inc. about the possibility of starting an online opportunity,

Hit the send button,

And expected nothing in return.

Then...I received a return message a few days later!

They were thrilled of a possible online group.

I explained to their kind, listening ear about the current QAL & Donate,

And they loved it.

We all agreed it had potential to grow,

To bring others into this world of giving.

Other quilters specifically.

And that brings us to today.

This changes everything.

This changes the purpose of Cozy Color Quilts.