Loving From Afar

It's always a good day to see in my inbox an email from Quilts for Kids, Inc! The stories and news in which they share always warm my heart knowing we are a small part of this much bigger and influential world. What an honor, don't you think?

To start today's blog post, I'm sharing a couple of appreciation notes that QFK received with photos. Those photos make it real for me. I know in my thoughts these quilts change lives but then to see a child wrapped in all this goodness, it becomes incredible real.

Here is the first note:

Just look at her little face! You can tell by her smile how excited she is about her brand new quilt.

And another note of deep appreciation...

No one likes to see a child in a hospital bed like this, but there is something special in having a handmade quilt by someone who cares. And the best part is they get to keep them! For years to come, they'll know that someone was thinking of them and loving them from afar at their greatest moment of need.

QFK also gives quilts to children in other situations that may be causing unimaginable stress. They reach out to children who have been victims of abuse, trauma, and natural disasters. Here is a thank you from recipients through Habitat for Humanity.

I know your heart is warmed by now. Those smiles are priceless. You and I can be a part of this amazing adventure and bring about a smile like that simply by doing what we love: making a quilt.

About twice a year, we have QAL & Donate events here at Cozy Color Quilts. And we have one just around the corner...in 3 weeks, to be exact! We will be making the baby quilt version of the Movie Night Quilt. This quilt comes together quickly and will only take us 4 weeks to complete the top. We have weekly prices planned out and even a private community where we can all share together without feeling all showy on social media.

Here are some details...



When you decide to join us, all you need to do is sign up here and share this invite to others. You can use #qalanddonate to help spread the word also. As founder of QFK Linda Arye told me, "The more that know, the more that sew." Yep, you heard me quote her again! It's so true and worth saying again and again.

So come join us! It's going to be so much fun. And I promise, you'll never regret loving someone even from afar.

See you at the QAL & Donate!

Beth Ann

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