Movie Night QAL & Donate: Week 4

Welcome to the final week of our Movie Night QAL & Donate! I don't know about you but it sure has gone fast for me.

Finish The Quilt Top

Look at all you've been made it through the overwhelming decision of pulling your fabric, you've cut many strips and squares and curves and angles, and you've completed all the curved blocks and tri-toned blocks. Plus, you have some triangles to make your bonus quilt as well. Now it's the fun part!

As you begin to sew your rows together, pay close attention to the direction of each block. A block can easily be turned the wrong way. (Trust me, I know from experience!) Just focus on one at a time, double checking, triple checking at each step. In the end, it will be so worth the extra care of checking and rechecking.

Free Motion Quilting Ideas

We have a very special treat for this last week's post. As you're completing your quilt top, I know you're beginning to think about quilting. And I have a friend to introduce to you.

Meet Julie: Julie is a volunteer for Quilts for Kids and actually lives close to the headquarters in PA. I met her virtually when I was in touch with Quilts for Kids about beginning this new online group. Julie is one of those quilters that LOVES quilting. You know how it is, most quilters lean toward one or the other...piecing or quilting. I lean more toward loving the piecing and struggle a bit with the quilting.

Anyway, Julie has demonstrated some ideas on an actual Movie Night Quilt and was willing to share about it this week.

"The idea behind this quilt was to have an edge to edge design but without any backtrack. I used rulers and it can be adapted to any shape inside the circles.

To work that design, I started with a semi circle at the top and move to the bottom of the next circle, stopping at the lower center to draw the heart. Then I continue to the top and top of the next circle. When the row gets to the end, I went back closing the circles and finishing the missing hearts." - Julie

Thanks to Julie for a great quilting idea! This quilt was pieced by Sonia! So all around a beautiful quilt ready to be given to a precious child.

Week 3 Winner

On to this week's winner. The winner of Week 3 is grammy2landon from Instagram! Please email me so we can work out the details of your prize. And you'll have to share what you do with your new fabric bundle. I know I can speak for everyone when I say we'd all love to see it.

Week 4 Prize

And here we are at the Week 4 prize and it is a doozy! My friend, Beth, at Modernly Stitched has generously offered to give the winner free long arm quilting labor! All you will have to finance is batting, $5 for thread, and shipping. All the labor is FREE! Isn't that fantastic?

Beth is also offering a 20% discount to all Movie Night QAL & Donate participants! She will be accepting these quilts until August you've got some time to finish up and send it off. For more information about Beth's long arm services, click here.

Donating Your Quilt

Now that we're at the end of this QAL & Donate, it's time to be prepping our quilts for send off. We've been talking all along about donating your quilt and the guidelines to follow all along. So to prevent sounding like a broken record, I'll provide you links for your viewing. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

And of course, don't forget to include your Return Form with the quilt...


Well, that wraps up this week's post! Have fun finishing your quilt tops. It will be extremely exciting to see finished quilts. Enjoy your week and I'll see ya next week for the wrap up.


Beth Ann