Pattern Release: Victory Quilt

Introducing the newest Cozy Color Quilt Pattern...Victory Quilt!

I'm offering 20% off from now until July 4! Use the code VICTORYQUILT at check.

What Inspired the Pattern

This pattern was designed with *Quilts for Kids, Inc. donations in mind specifically for special babies born at what seems like an inopportune time...while their Daddy is deployed in the military. In reality, no time is inopportune for each and every life is perfectly created and planned out for such a time as this. As quilters, we can show our love and support for these babies simply by doing what we love...making a quilt.

On a personal note, my husband is an active duty soldier. I've seen firsthand the sacrifices that family members make in the military life. My children grew up moving around every few years and many days, didn't feel as though they had a permanent home. However, the exchange has been cross country road trips we would have never taken, friends we would have never met, and a perspective on life unique to a life constantly on the move.

So while the first moments of separation for these military babies are hard, a life is born into unique experiences that will shape these new lives and their futures in unimaginable ways.

*Quilts for Kids donates crib size red/white/blue to babies born while their parent is deployed.

How Much Fabric Will I Need?

Now let's talk quilt details! First up, fabric. The pattern is written with red/white/blue fabrics demonstrated. You will be needing (4) different fabrics for each color. Here is the breakdown.

Fabric 1 (White): (4) Different Fat Eighths

Fabric 2 (Red): (4) Different Fat Eighths

Fabric 3 (Blue): (4) Different Fat Eighths

Fabric 4 (Background): 2 yards

Fabric 5 (White Border): 1/4 yard

Fabric 6: (Red Border): 1/3 yard

Backing: 2 3/4 yards

Binding: 1/2 yard

A Glance into the Pattern

This pattern is full of pieces and the end product makes a beautiful and colorful gift for any little one. If you know how to make HST and Flying Geese, you're all set. Even if you don't know how, I will walk you through each step in the pattern.

There are 12 blocks total with a specific combination of red, white, and blue. All the instructions for these color collections are covered throughout the pattern so everything comes out evenly balanced.

Once you have the HST and Flying Geese made, we make a center star block.

You will be instructed on how to follow color patterns creating (4) blocks of each combination. In the end, there are (12) stars total.

Next up, you'll be making Flying Geese units. These tiny details always make for a beautiful and cherished quilts.

Again, I will walk you through the color patterns as you progress to building quite a pile of Flying Geese Units.

Once you make all the Flying Geese units, you're ready to move on to the Corner Units. These go much faster becoming the "over the hump" moment of piecing your quilt. As soon as you finish these units, you're ready to complete your blocks! And before you know it, you'll have a heartfelt, patriotic gift for a special newborn.

Quilt Kits

To make things a bit easier for you, I reached out to a couple of friends who own fabric shops asking them if they could provide kits for you. Thankfully we have some to offer and I encourage you to check them out! They have put together some curated bundles of red, white, and blue so you can skip ahead of the fabric decision and begin your quilt.

Interested? Simply tap/click the photo to shop!

Binded With Love is offering 15% off their kit until July 8. Use the code CCQVICTORYQUILTKIT at checkout.

Quilts for Kids Donation Information

With all CCQ patterns, they can be used for any and every purpose. Of course, while designing these patterns, I do enjoy including quilt sizes that are appropriate for donating to Quilts for Kids. So should you choose to make and donate a Victory Quilt, here is some information about donating to QFK. There is a lot of good guidance about fabrics to use and not to use, appropriate batting, sending in your donation, and more. So please review the QFK guidelines before you begin any project intended to be donated.

Along with donating to QFK, the organization enjoys keeping track of who and where these beautiful quilts come from. Many people donate on their own and others donate through chapters located all throughout the county. Here at Cozy Color Quilts, we offer an online experience for those who do not have a chapter nearby or would simply rather participate in an online platform. Therefore, I ask when you ship your quilt, please attach the Return Form below so that QFK knows you are associated with the QFK "Cyber Quilt Group."

Sharing Your Quilt

I sincerely hope you'll decide to make the Victory Quilt! Whether it's for you or someone close to you, or should you decide to donate it to a child you've never met, please share about it! No matter if it's Facebook or Instagram or any other platform you like to share, use #victoryquilt and #cozycolorquilts so I will be able to find your photos. It would be an honor to see your work!

You're also welcome to join our Friends Group. This is a private group here at CCQ where we can share without all the pressure of algorithms or ads or simply just trying to keep up with the Jones. Come join this intimate group to share, learn, and meet other quilters. Once you join, you can share all about the Victory Quilt you're making!

Coffee & Jazz

As with all CCQ patterns, I thoroughly enjoy offering up some coffee and jazz suggestions for you to enjoy while you make your quilt. For the Victory Quilt, here is what I suggest...

Iced Shaken Espresso

Have you tried this espresso drink yet? I recently tried it for the first time and it quickly has become a favorite of mine. I love the cold, strong flavor with a hint of sweetness. (I live in Southern Texas so iced is usually my first choice all year round!) If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

The Homefront 1941-1945 Album

Tommy Dorsey

This album is a mix of Tommy Dorsey, his own orchestra, Frank Sinatra, and some other amazingly talented jazz musicians of the WWII era. It's a beautiful collection of wartime music that helped soothe some of the angst of that time for both deployed soldiers and family/friends back on the homefront.


Thank you for allowing me to share this new quilt pattern with you! Designing quilts has a hold on me and I only wish I could make them as fast as the ideas come. Coming up next is a pattern series! I'll leave you with a tease and tell you it's called "The Dream Series." More on that coming this fall.

Until then, enjoy making your Victory Quilt!

Beth Ann

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