QFK Stories and Thankful Hearts

It was another great summer at Quilts for Kids! Their latest newsletter was sent out recently and I couldn't wait to share all their outstanding updates. In this update, you'll see how they are supporting Habitat for Humanity, the Ronald McDonald House, and Beds for Kids as well as ways you can save money on shipping, the recent QFK stats, and some heartfelt thank you notes from caretakers. Take a look for yourself...


Bluegrass, KY "...from the most recent Habitat for Humanity home dedication. We presented quilts to the parents and each of the 3 children, all geared to their interests. There are 2 more home dedications coming up in September. The families have been working so hard for their new homes—such a wonderful event!" Rosemary Campbell

Joe Ann Nemmers shared with us one of the 57 stunning quilts donated this summer by her chapter to Robert Lurie Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Bucks County, PA Headquarters Pictured here is a sample Bed Bundle like the ones Beds for Kids delivers in the Philadelphia area. "We provide a bedding package including a memory foam mattress, steel bed frame, blankets, sheets, pillows, a toothbrush, bedtime books, a stuffed animal and a QFK quilt to children living in poverty in our community who have nowhere to sleep" Sara Baumgardner


Some great stories, for sure!

Another amazing fact about QFK is how they love their volunteers and are always looking for ways to help you! Check out this "Give Back Box" opportunity and how it will save you some money on shipping...


Give Back Box We can't thank our quilting volunteers enough for all the beautiful, whimsical and creative works of art you bless us with. QFK children are so lucky to have all of you. However, we know shipping can be a financial hardship. When you visit GiveBackBox you will be able to print a $15 shipping label for a package up to 50 pounds to send to Quilts for Kids. Remember to include your name! Thanks volunteer Lyn for discovering this wonderful charity! https://givebackbox.shop/products/quilts-for-kids-inc-shipping-label


And of course, it's always fun to hear where the donated quilts actually go. Sometimes it seems like all this is a nice idea and we can sometimes forget the reality of this amazing organization. Stats like these make it more real for me...


Where did the quilts go in July? Many boxes and bags of quilts crafted with love went out last month from headquarters to children, through these organizations: United Way Bucks County HELP center Capital Health, NJ New Life, Chester County PA Beds for Kids (One House at a Time), PA

Thank you, Volunteers!

During the month of July, you sent in or dropped off 655 quilts to make sure we have enough for every child who needs comfort.


One of my favorite parts of these newsletters is the thank you notes QFK receives from parents. Like in this thank you note, having a newborn is overwhelming when everything goes just right. I can't imagine having to admit my two week old into a hospital. You can hear the appreciation of Diane in her note...



It's always exciting to celebrate and acknowledge all the good things that happen through QFK. Unfortunately, not every story ends happily. Little Matthew received a quilt but very sadly, he did not make it through his illness. His mother has the quilt to cherish for years to come. I cannot even fathom the heartache...



We need to definitely keep Matthew's family in our prayers. Through notes like these, we realize there's lots to celebrate and even some heavy sadness to ponder. As you can see, even in the sad stories, the quilts donated share a unique kind of love!

Please share this great news and unique opportunity to your quilty friends. As we say often around here, the need never ends. I pray you will consider your opportunity to help whether it's to make a quilt, donate fabric, or even give a financial gift to QFK to help with the costs. To find out more ways you can help, I have some information for you here. Our next QAL & Donate won't be until the first of the year but there's always ways to help. And of course, quilts can be donated anytime. You might just find that your heart is changed and you must take action in one way or another!

Thanks for allowing me to share,

Beth Ann

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