Quilts Arrived

Updated: Jun 30

I found myself in my routine scan through emails, deciphering between junk or treasure.

And there it was...a subject that instantly leapt off the screen.

"Quilts arrived."

Simply stated. Deeply understood.

I stopped to see if my understanding was correct...yes, it was from Linda at Quilts for Kids!

Quilts arrived! The very first quilts of the Valle Crucis QAL & Donate had made its way to the headquarters in PA. The very first quilts of our new online community for QFKs!

I had to reach out to this participant and share their story.

Introducing Katie...

Katie, located in Michigan, has been quilting for about 25 years and is going strong!

It all began during her college years when her dear friend unexpectedly found out she was pregnant.

In Katie's loyalty to her friend, she wanted to support her and her husband. So she went to her quilting mom.

The two of them worked together to create a beautiful quilt for this special baby, for all babies are a gift and valued deeply.

That experienced grew Katie deeply as she learned the joy of quilt giving.

Katie loves colors and shapes but drawing or painting just wasn't a good fit for her. Yet this love of colors and shapes works perfectly in quilting!

Combine the first joy of quilt giving and her love for colors/shapes and it led her to the world of quilting. Giving quilts away has become routine and a normal part of Katie's life.

She states that more quilts have been given away than those that reside in her own home.

When seeing the Valle Crucis QAL & Donate from @letsquiltalong on Instagram, she had to join in.

For Katie, a QAL is opportunity for a new project. Add in the donation for Quilts for Kids, and she decided it was a must!

In fact, Katie not only made one quilt to donate, but two!

Donating a quilt to Quilts for Kids is definitely a behind the scenes act of love. Katie knows that. She knew the children that receive her quilts would not know her or where they came from.

However, she has faith that these children will feel the love from the quilt!

Katie thrives in quilting so much so that she loves sharing about it through her blog. For more about her quilting journey, tap/click the button below to view her blog.

You can also follow Katie on Instagram @katiemaytoo.

I hope Katie's story encourages you as we all join together to support Quilts for Kids and the children their lives touch.

Like Katie said, they probably will never know your name or your face, but they will know your love when your quilt arrives.

Take care my friend,

Beth Ann

For more information about Cozy Color Quilt's QAL & Donate events, click here.

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