Quilts, Coffee, and Jazz

In just 7 days, the Movie Night QAL & Donate beings, and you are invited to join us!

To get us in the mood, let's talk "Quilts, Coffee, and Jazz" for just a moment...

If you haven't learned by now, I always say quilting in my home is at its best when accompanied with strong coffee and outstanding jazz. Every CCQ pattern includes my coffee and jazz suggestions for you as you make that particular quilt taking in consideration the mood and theme of each quilt.

So grab your favorite mug. Let the aroma of freshly ground espresso fill the air, and allow the hum of the espresso machine calm your thoughts. Here comes the drip...and now sitting before you is a piping hot shot of espresso dressed with a golden creme on top.

Let the rich, dark liquid flow smoothly into your chosen piece of pottery. Steam the ice, cold milk and watch before your very eyes the frothy texture rise to the top. Pour the smooth, white goodness into your espresso creating a creamy Latte where foam can peacefully rest. Should you desire, splash in some vanilla flavor.

The last preparation before we start is to fill the silence with a piece from Casa Blanca...As Time Goes By. Let your mind take a stroll to a time that's gone by as the soothing voice of Dooley Wilson gets you in the mood. The unstable and scratchy sound of an old time record will bring a smile to your face as you imagine Dooley's hands dancing across the keyboard.

Ahhh, I think we're finally in the mood to begin our new project. So let's talk supplies.

  1. Purchase your Pattern: Check (Use the code: QUILTSFORKIDS25 for 25% off.)

  2. Purchase or print your templates (acrylic or paper): Check

  3. Gather your fabric: Check

Week 1

If you're not quite ready on choice of fabric, please know there's no rush. During our first week, I'm going to be talking about fabrics for this particular pattern. If I'm completely honest with you, I struggled finding fabrics that pleased my eyes like the child in a candy store. For this reason, I came up with "shadow mock ups" to help you decide on your fabrics. We'll talk more about that next week during the week 1 post.

Week 2

I will also be going over how to sew curves. If this is your first time, please don't be anxious one bit about it! I'm going to be walking you through every step in the week 2 post and you'll be a pro by the end of the week. Be thinking about which technique you might like to use. I'll be teaching you how to pin the curves as well as how to use a Sewline Glue Pen. These are the two ways I enjoy piecing curves but, of course, you can do so however you please.

Weeks 3 & 4 By the third week, things will move quickly. The Tri-Toned Block is easy, peasy. Before long, you'll be finished with these and ready to assemble the top by week 4!

I think we're ready! Now that summer is here, schedules have scaled down a bit, and poolside chairs beg for our presence, it's a perfect time for a QAL. I know our sewing machines anticipate the repetitive clanking of piecing cut fabric back together. I hope your heart is excited as well for the Movie Night Quilt you're about to embark on will soon be bring a much deserved smile to some little one, somewhere out there.

One last thing I want to leave with you...if you're new to a QAL & Donate event, I'd like to share this video with you so you can learn more about Quilts for Kids, Inc. May this video touch your heart and inspire you to allow this quilt to be the first of many QFK donations to come. I can truly say seeing this clip is what set in motion the QAL & Donations we have today.

Enjoy, my sweet hearted friend. I can't wait to begin sewing with you next week!

Beth Ann

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