The Dream Series


This RELEASE DAY is a little different than the ones in the past. The Dream Series is actually a series of patterns. Each pattern is a baby size quilt and they are as follows...

Sweet Dreaming Quilt

Bedtime Quilt

Napping House Quilt

The Inspiration

After reading all those titles, you may be in the mood for a nap!

The reason for all the sleepy names is because of the influence of these patterns. The greatest influence of this slumber party theme is Quilts for Kids. Many quilts patterns around here are designed with quilt donations in mind. If you purchase a Quilts for Kids friendly pattern, you can be sure it falls into the suggested sizes for donating.

Quilts for Kids is an organization that donates quilts to children all over the world enduring terminal illness, trauma, abuse, and suffering from natural disasters. CCQ has teamed up with QFK to design patterns for these special and heart touching donations. If you're interested in more information about donating as well as events here at CCQ, please join our email list for updates!

Taking it a little deeper, my heart goes out to the little ones who will receive these donated quilts. I think about the parents and caregivers whose hearts heavily care for these precious ones day after day. I wonder how many sleepless nights haunt these families. Maybe. Just maybe a quilt can give a tiny bit of comfort in their greatest time of need.

Pattern Details

As previously mentioned The Dream Series consists of 3 baby size quilt patterns. Each one has the following fabric requirements:

Fabric 1: (6) Fat Quarters

Fabric 2: 2 1/2 yards

Backing: 3 yards

Binding: 1/2 yard

I'm giving it a Confident Beginner/Intermediate level of difficulty. The patterns are not hard to make but the number of flying geese might be a tad overwhelming to a beginner quilter. With that said, the skills used are Square in a Square, Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, and a simple pieced corner block.

Pattern Testers

I simply cannot take all the credit for a pattern release! I have a whole team of quilters working beside me to make sure we put out a great pattern for you. As excited as I am to release patterns, I'm equally excited to share with you the Pattern Tester's quilts.

Each of these quilters were assigned one of the patterns. As they worked through the instructions, they took note of any errors in grammar, math, and diagrams, or simply noted a more efficient way of writing a part of the pattern. They take a pattern to the next level so that you can easily make any of these quilt.

After a pattern release, I love sharing a Pattern Tester Parade. This time I made an Instagram Reel to show off their hard work and brag on them. Enjoy!

Purchasing Your Pattern

I hope you'll enjoy a pattern or two! I know they'll make a special little one feel all cozy and loved knowing you had them in mind while so lovingly making a quilt for them. You have the option of purchasing the individual patterns or all three in a bundle.

Thank you for allowing me to share this day with you. As a pattern designer, many weeks and months lead up to this single day and my heart is always full of joy as a result of sharing with you. It's truly an honor to serve the quilting world and Quilts for Kids.

Sweet dreams,

Beth Ann

Fabric used in quilt photos:

Art Gallery Fabrics Willow by Sharon Holland

AGF Pure Solids Macadamia (Napping House background)

AGF Pure Solids Crystalline (Bedtime background)

AGF Ballerina Fusion, Dotted Veil (Sweet Dreaming background)

Special Thanks:

Sara Ruiz (Tech Editor)