The Movie Night Backstory

Updated: Jun 30

Today is RELEASE DAY for the Movie Night Quilt!

The Movie Night Quilt is finally live and ready for you. However, the most exciting and important part of any CCQ pattern releases are the kick off for a new QAL & Donate!

Yep, it is these events that drive pattern design around here. But before I go into that, I wanted to share with you the inspiration of this design. My oldest, Henry, is a graduating High School Sr. this year. As I type this post, we are 10 days away from his graduation!!

He is an aspiring filmmaker. How exciting is that? I wish you could come into our home and observe him making one of his short films. For an unprofessional, YouTube trained teen, he's quite gifted!

The funny thing is, though, while he's working on each detail, on every shot, it all seems so scattered to me. It's chaotic, random, and I sadly admit I find myself doubting where this is going.

Here's Henry deep in thought as he's filming his first night scene from "Fragments."

This is Henry and his siblings working on "Graybeal Academy: Halloween Edition."

In the end, every single time, it all comes together. The chaos finally has order. The confusion finally makes sense. And just when you think it's heading in one direction, it abruptly changes and beauty is born!

(On a side note, or rather, a proud mother note, here's a link to his YouTube channel if you're interested in seeing some of his short films. Among my favorites are "Silently," "The Fitted Sheet" and any of the "Graybeal Academy" Episodes...specifically Episode 1 and 7.)

Back to the quilt inspiration...It was these filming moments that inspired the Movie Night Quilt. As you look closely, there are curves that abruptly turn into triangles. And just when you think an angle will come to its end, it suddenly changes direction.

However, with each step of the way, as one block joins with another, the final top is laid out. And finally, we see symmetry. It all came together and makes sense now.

Of course, now the title "Movie Night Quilt" makes a lot of sense, too! However, I'm also finding my throw size quilt is perfect for a good movie night. And I hope you will find the same to be true for you.

Now that my eyes are filled with hot tears thinking about my son graduating, I want to turn our attention to the next QAL & Donate. No matter how or where the inspiration comes for each pattern, the primary purpose for each pattern is to provide a pattern that would be perfect to donate to Quilts for Kids. This pattern comes with (3) size options: Baby, Throw, and Twin. For the QAL, we will be making the Baby Size quilt. It fits perfectly into the guidelines for donating quilts.

With this pattern, you also have the choice of making a Modern Style or a Scrappy Style. Here are examples of both.



So that's the story behind the inspiration of the Movie Night Quilt and a look into the future with a bit of information for the QAL & Donate. If you are interested in joining in the fun, you can sign up and get more information here. Even though we don't start until June, it's a great time to sign up and spread the word. As you hear me quote many times around here, "The more that sew, the more that know!" - Linda Arye, Quilts for Kids Founder. And I like to add, as a result, the more children's lives are touched by quilters like you!

Thanks for allowing me to share some background, or as Henry would say, the backstory, of the Movie Night Quilt. I hope and pray this will be the first of many QAL & Donate events for you and a friend!

Talk again soon, friend,

Beth Ann