The Real Meaning of a Number

Updated: Jun 30

One of my favorite emails to see in my inbox is from Quilts for Kids! I especially enjoy seeing the most current numbers. Or perhaps I should say the number of children that received quilts recently.

We live in times with obsessive stats and calculations, spreadsheets and insights. On the one hand, these number are incredibly helpful to see growth or change. Studying these statistics bring about new direction in our approach in hopes of more success. However, many times these "numbers" can seemingly be just that: a number. On paper, it's not flashy, it's not emotional. It's just simply a fact. In reality, though, these numbers actually represent real people with a heartbeat. Real people...enduring the excitements and struggles of daily life. When it comes down to it, these "numbers" are not numbers at all...they're people.

For this reason, seeing the numbers that Quilts for Kids releases always makes my heart skip a beat. The figures they reveal are actually twofold: 1. Quilts and 2. Children. And these two go hand in hand.

So as I pass on to you the most current statistics, remember that for every single one, a quilter made a quilt and a child received some comfort. Here is what Quilts for Kids reported:

In January and February we sent out 661 kits, received 911 quilts, and donated 550 quilts to...

Hogan Hozhani AZ

St. Michael's Assoc for Special Ed AZ

Kamp for Kids PA

Battered Families Services NM

Willett Children's Hospital at Memorial, Savannah, GA

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Incredible, isn't it? Your work here is real. The recipients are real. And the love that goes along with it is real.

On a side note, you know that you don't have to wait for another QAL & Donate to make a quilt and send it over to Quilts for Kids, right? They always accept quilts at any time. For more details about their guidelines and sending a quilt, you can click or tap here.

If you are one that sent a quilt in January or February, thank you! I know I speak for all the organizers of QFKs in passing on deep gratitude. If you haven't done so just yet, I hope you will someday. You will never regret it...I promise.

Take care, my real friend,

Beth Ann

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