Week 3...Building Blocks

Updated: Jun 30

Welcome to week 3!

This week, we get to build blocks.

But before we go any further, this video of Quilts for Kids is a must see.

I stumbled upon this Quilts for Kids video a few years ago and found myself always thinking back on it. Please take a look...


Wasn't that special?

I love being able to see behind the scenes and view the actual starting point in PA.

Seeing the quilts in action...at a hospital...those precious children running down the hall with their superhero capes is a life changer for a quilter.

I hope you'll tuck those images deep in your heart and decide to be a regular part of these QAL & Donate events.

(By the way, if you haven't read about the latest QAL & Donate news, please click here.)

Week 3 Schedule:

Option 1: Block Construction...(9) total.

Option 2: Make (4) blocks to complete all (9) blocks.

Welcome New Members

Our group is still growing!

That's the beauty of this QAL & Donate event...the goal is not to stay on an exact schedule; the goal is to make a quilt for Quilts for Kids!

You can hop in on any event, now or in the future, at any time.

Please be sure to browse through week 1 & 2 posts so you can see what we've been doing and discussing up until now.

You can also purchase the Valle Crucis Quilt here. (Make sure to use QUILTSFORKIDS25 to receive 25% off!)

Week 2 Winner

The winner for week 2 is @katiemaytoo!

Congratulations! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your pattern bundle. What a treat...3 free quilt patterns!

Please send me a DM on Instagram with your email so that I can get those PDF patterns out to you.

Week 3 Prize is the quilt kit that Hollis Threads has created specifically for the #vallecrucisquilt!

You can make another Valle Crucis quilt to donate if you'd like.

Remember how easy it is to enter? Post on Instagram using #vallecrucisquilt.

Yep, it's that easy!

Finishing Early?

Some of you may finish your quilts early...impressive!

The sweet thing about Quilts for Kids is that they love to personally thank you for your quilt.

In order to do so, they ask for a bit of information when you send in your quilt.

I've made it quite easy for you...Just print this form, cut the bottom part off, fill it out, and send it with your quilt.

Quilts for Kids Return Form
Download PDF • 3.96MB

Please let me know if you have any questions.

On a side note, each Quilts for Kids local chapter keeps record of the number of quilts they send. You'll notice a group name on the return form..."Cyber Quilt Group."

That's us!

Wouldn't it be cool to grow in number of donations each event? Let's make a goal together to invite others to join us. Let's make a difference!


Well, that about wraps up this week!

You all are amazing and are doing a fantastic job. I am loving your photos!

This QAL & Donate program has the potential of great growth and many children will have YOU to thank for that.

Let's always remember what we're doing, why we're doing it!


Beth Ann

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