Week 4...Let's Tidy Things Up

Updated: Jun 30

Wow! It's already week 4? Really?

This QAL & Donate has flown by, don't you think?

At this point, if you have been able to stay on track, all the blocks are complete.

If you're not on the same schedule, let me reiterate that this is not a race. No one is demanded stay on the schedule exactly.

The goal is for us to make a quilt we can share with a child. Period.

So let's continue to celebrate no matter how far along each of us is as of today.

Week 4 Schedule:

Connect those blocks and finish a quilt top!

Teaming with Quilts for Kids, Inc.

Recently, I've had the honor of talking with Founder Linda Arye and Director Pam Fox at Quilts for Kids, Inc.

In our discussions over the phone and through email, one can instantly sense their kind and generous hearts.

I approached them asking if they had ever thought of providing an online group.

Currently, they have numerous chapters all around the country for people to join and provide a group in which they can participate, but there were no online groups that I could see.

When I explained to them about this QAL & Donate, they loved it!

In order to help promote and continue future events, they add www.CozyColorQuilts.net to their website to lead people to a cyber quilt group.

It is our hope that this is the very first of many QAL & Donate events.

And I truly hope you'll consider participating in future events as well.

This QAL provides all of us quilters a unique and joyful way to serve others with our passion for quilting!

In our most recent email exchanges, Linda personally wanted me to pass along to you a big thank you for what you're doing. They sincerely and deeply appreciate your quilt donation!

Week 3 Winner

The winner for week 3 is @northernmemories!

Congratulations! You will be receiving Jennifer's Valle Crucis Quilt Kit!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new bundle of joy. I'll be in touch with details.

This final week is the BIG PRIZE!

My friend, Beth, at Modernly Stitched is offering FREE LONGARM QUILTING for your Valle Crucis Quilt!

This lucky winner will be able to finish their top, sit back, and relax while the humming of a longarm finishes their quilt!

And here is a bonus!

Beth is offering 30% off longarm quilting for your participation in this QAL & Donate. So take advantage of her generous offer on your Valle Crucis quilt!

All you need to do is have it sent to Beth, postmarked by October 22!

For all the details about sending your quilt, please visit her website.

And remember, the only thing you need to do to enter is post a photo of your progress (wherever you are) on Instagram and use #vallecrucisquilt.

Finishing Instructions

As we begin to finish our quilt tops and turn to quilting, please keep in mind these guidelines that Quilts for Kids, Inc. offers...

  1. Please use a matching back fabric. (For example: They don't want a boy themed front and a girl themed back.)

  2. Please use cotton or poly or a combination LOW LOFT 1/4" or 1/8" batting. (Quilts for Kids, Inc. does sell batting at a lower cost to you. For more information, you can email them at info@quiltsforkids.org or call at 215-295-5484.)

  3. Please use machine quilting about every 2" or so, including the borders.

  4. Please wash your quilt before sending it in the mail. (That way, when it arrives, it will be ready to be sent to a child immediately and it saves Quilts for Kids A LOT of time!)

  5. When you're ready to mail your quilt, please include this return form. (The form has the address and additional information as well.)

Quilts for Kids Return Form
Download PDF • 3.96MB


This is it! I'm giddy just thinking about all the finishes and all the quilts we'll be sending.

Please remember that once you send your quilt, you won't get to see the child receive their quilt.

Just trust the love and care you're sending WILL reach someone dear and your quilt WILL be cherished.

Many times our acts of service are most rewarding when we don't let our "left hand know what the right hand is doing."

Have fun finishing your quilt top this week!

Beth Ann

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