A Small...and Intimate...and Special Quilt Along

Updated: Jun 30

Quilts Alongs.

Brings to mind...







A couple of months ago, I hosted my very first Quilt Along.

It was small.

It was intimate.

It was special.

After it was all said and done, I decided,

"I must do more QALs," simply for the love of quilting.

Here we are, August 19, and I'm two weeks away from hosting yet another Quilt Along. However, this is not a typical QAL.

It's a "QAL & Donate."

Yes, I know that sounds a bit strange or maybe even a bit fake or suspicious.

But it could never be more real.

Have you heard of the organization Quilts for Kids?

It's an amazing group of volunteers that donate quilts for kids in hospitals around the U.S.

The best part about it? You and I get to be a part of it!

That's where the "QAL & Donate" comes in.

We get to make quilts to donate!

It's all quite simple, really.

We participate in a typical QAL with weekly prizes, sharing posts about it on social media.

Then, in the end, we all mail in our quilts as we finish them.

Now, let me warn you...

You probably will never see the child who receives it.

You'll probably never get a crayon colored thank you note with stick people drawings.

You won't show up on primetime TV or the news.

But you will be rewarded.

In the quiet of your heart, you'll know.

You'll know that somewhere, somehow, some child has your quilt.

You'll know that this special child has received an anonymous hug from...you.

And you'll smile.

So thank you in advance for joining me.

It's a small gesture.

It's an intimate action.

It's a special gift.


I'm thinking my QALs in the future could always be a QAL & Donate.

What are your thoughts?

Would love to hear from you.

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