When the Floods Rise, Quilts For Kids, Inc. Rises to the Task

Updated: Jun 30

Remember in August, Tennessee received an abundance of rain and flooding?

It was a terrible event especially for Waverly, TN.

According to an AP News story, there were numerous people who lost their lives in this horrific natural disaster.

In addition, roads were lost, cellphone towers were destroyed, and homes were washed out completely.

They received up to 17 inches of rain in Humphreys County.

It's in moments like these, when the worst of things happen, unexpectedly, to people who never deserved it or asked for it, that Quilts for Kids, Inc. steps up to help.

When the August newsletter reached my inbox, this is what I read. Extremely touching. What servant's hearts the volunteers in PA hold deep within...

Waverly, TN, Destroyed by Floods I just spoke to one of our chapter members in Texas whose daughter lives in Waverly, TN, the location of the devastating flood last week. As soon as she gave me the contact person for relief supplies, we started packing up quilts: 120 to start, and more when they are able to sort out deliveries to the children whose homes have been destroyed.

104 of those quilts (pictured below) came from Pennington Quiltworks workshop, currently under the leadership of Debbie Greaney, who have generously quilted for QFK for over 18 years.

Our Opportunity is Here

You see how one chapter was able to give 104 quilts to one event?

How amazing is that?

That is the vision for this online group.

We want to grow and spread the word and encourage other quilters to come alongside of us, quilt with us, and donate for the unexpected...all through our QAL & Donate events.

The next event will be held in January 2022 but you can follow this blog to read more stories and find out about opportunities for Quilts for Kids, Inc. to help children needing comfort.

You can also sign up to receive information pertaining to our QAL & Donate events. Just scroll down to the "QAL & Donate" section to stay connected.

This is more than growing blog numbers or Instagram followers.

This is helping children through our passion for quilting.

So next time, when the worst of things happen, unexpectedly, to people who never deserved it or asked for it, it will be our time to step up and help!

Thank you, dear one,

Beth Ann

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