Ready to Donate a Quilt to Quilts for Kids?



Please be sure to follow the guidelines provided by Quilts for Kids, Inc. These guidelines take into account the needs of children with risks such as immunity issues. Thank you for your help in following their guidelines.

  • Fabric: Please use new, 100% cotton fabric. Repurposed fabrics such as clothing, sheets, or curtains are not allowed.

  • Flannel: If it is a high quality new flannel, feel free to create a quilt out of it. Lower quality flannel pills and looks used the moment it is washed so please do not use a discount store flannel which does not have the high thread count necessary to stand up to numerous washings

  • Hand-quilted, fleece or tied quilts: Unfortunately, we are not able to accept tied quilts due to the potential choking hazard that hand ties create and their inability to stand up to the hospital washers and dryers. All quilts have to be machine quilted for that same reason. Fleece is not acceptable because it causes static which can interfere with hospital equipment.

  • Rag quilts: Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept them for hospital donations. The lint is not good for a child with breathing issues. However, we can donate them to shelters.

  • Quilt Sizes: Approximately 38"- 40" x 45"- 46"is our guideline.  However, bearing in mind that these comfort quilts are given to kids from birth to 22 years of age, slightly longer quilts with less juvenile themes can be set aside for older children.

  • Batting: Please use LOW LOFT 1/8 to 1/4 inch batting. Cotton or poly or a combination of the two is acceptable.

  • Quilting: Having a lot of machine quilting in your quilt will help it hold up to the rigorous washing it goes through at the hospital. Please machine quilt in the borders as well as in the blocks, about every 2 inches or so. Stay away from "invisible thread;" it can melt in a hot dryer.

  • Shipping: Send your finished, washed quilt to...

Quilts for Kids, Inc.,

494 Lincoln Highway

Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

Please include with your quilt the Return Form.


A Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you for your generosity and kind heart. These are the most rewarding moments in your life. Through the quiet and unseen making of a quilt, a child's life will be touched in a remarkable way. You are so dear.

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